Wage War - Competitive battles between players




Strategically Control Troops

AI controlled army or manually control up to 4-groups. Each battle includes "recoverable troops", a wish list item from players in top ranking free-to-play mobile strategy games.

Gravestones for killed troops

Villages defend themselves from attacking armies with defensive cannons with each building. Players need to control their armies strategically to win or maximize loot.

Steal Loot and Win Free Resources

Players gain gold or liquid loot when destroying enemy villages. At the end of the battle, their stolen loot is added to their village reserves plus recovered troops. (Top-requested feature)

Build City Walls to Protect Your Home from Player armies*

The Complete Strategy Kit comes with two types of walls for you to use in your game. Wooden pikes with flags and stone walls with towers. Developers can customize however you wish.

Players can buy walls to defend their resources from attackers. Constructing walls uses a unique function, just tap one area in the game and tap another area further down the same line.

The entire wall is created automatically and the full cost deducted from the player's resources.

Preview Walls

Project Image

Defend Your Base from Looters

In our highest package, the Complete Strategy Kit, different types of defensive structures are included in the kit like Cannons, towers, catapults, and more.

Developers can customize any one of the examples included with your purchase for your own game type or add your own unique defense structures.

Players use defenses protect their resources from other players who will attack their base to steal their loot.

Preview Cannons

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When a player's village is attacked, battle results show the next time they play