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Create your own games with PvP battles like Clash of Clans

Build it in less time

Prototype in ays instead of weeks

City Building Kit

Build mobile strategy games where players attack other villages


Develop strategy games like Clash of Clans or Simpson's Tapped Out
The only complete, fully-editable city building strategy Unity game template

Powerful Framework

Design Your Own Buildings
Gems and In-App Purchases (IAP)
Gold/Liquid Generators and Storage
Expandable with assets

PvP AI Battle Processor

Combat/Unit AI Raiding
Multiplayer Battle Matchmaking
Gold/Liquid Stealing
Gem Accelerated Training


Campaign Maps
Strategically Control Troops
Defensive Buildings


Client/Server State Sync
Server Software Game Engine
Create Multi-Platform Game Matches
Add Characters / Buildings With XML

Build a high-quality prototype within hours, not weeks.

Fully-customizable Unity source code for sale designed to run out-of-the-box. Import assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any platform immediately. Don't believe us?

Watch us build a game in 60s

Comes with everything you need:

  • Complete Unity source code (102 C# scripts)
  • Learn how to make a game like Clash of Clans
  • Incorporate your own game art
  • Build all platforms (mobile, PC, Xbox, etc)
  • Includes menus, buildings, characters, terrain
  • Optimized for 2D games. Supports 3D games
  • Expansive engine online documentation
  • Expandable assets (e.g. In-App Purchases)



Everything you need to create a city-building sim game like Clash of Clans. Demos and source code included. For advanced developers, we have private documentation for how to convert from 2D to a 3D Unity City Builder.


Players can build their own villages with buildings you create. Design buildings using your favorite 2D or 3D drawing program


Sell just about anything in your gameBuildings, battle defenses, walls, Gold mines and storage, decorations, IAP

Day/Night Time Cycles

Just like daytime animations, your buildings
can include nighttime animations.
Make city buildings glow with life.


Generate seasonal weather effects like snow for Christmas!


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